Introducing new microblading tools!
21, August 2017
Introducing new microblading tools!

Introducing our new disposable tools for manual techniques.  There are five types of tools:

  • #14 pins slope hard super thin 0.20 mm diameter. More stable on skin, especially good for beginners. Perfect on thicker skin.


  • #U16 hard super thin 0.20 mm diameter. You can make more curved strokes but also this blade is more stable on skin. Perfect to blade thicker skin.


  • #U18 flexible 0.18mm diameter. You can create the most artistic patterns.


  • #17 slope 0.18 mm diameter. Classic tool, easy to draw strokes.


  • DOUBLE SHADY. #16 slope for pixel shading. You can create Ombre shading effect or combine strokes + shading.


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  • Sterile
  • Comes with 2 special brushes to rub the pigment in. For better retention!
  • Extra safe blister packing
  • Longer needles tips so more flexibility
  • Extremely thin 0.18/0.20 mm! Crispy strokes and less trauma for skin!
  • Single use
  • LOT number
  • Expiration date
  • ISO certified
  • Blade is made of medical stainless steel
  • Ready to use. Safe individual package
  • Comes in a beautifully designed box