Permanent makeup machine "Extensum" by Baltic Brows
17th September 2020
Permanent makeup machine "Extensum" by Baltic Brows
The Permanent Makeup device “EXTENSUM” has been under development for several years based on Rita Romo's requirements and notes. It is:
  • Ergonomic and compact. Most of permanent makeup machines are extremely big, heavy and uncomfortable, so our goal was to make it lightweight and compact so that it would be easy to carry.
  • Minimal vibration. Most of the machines look beautiful, however, a high vibration of the handle will affect the final result a great deal. Extensum® machine has the lowest vibration of today’s market! With this machine it is easy to draw hairstrokes, delicate eyeliner or extremely thin lips outline.
  • Suitable for all permanent makeup techniques: Blossom lips, Ombre eyebrows, thin hairstrokes, Ombre eyes, Scalp tricopigmentation, Paramedical breast areola, Scar camouflage, etc.
  • Light weight. Heavy handles cause injuries on our wrists. That is why we offered a thin and light handle. Our controller is lightweight as well, and that makes it easy to bring it anywhere you need.  
  • Thin handle. This handle contains a powerful motor, however, thanks to the incredible Japanese technology, it is thin, light and non-vibrating. Moreover, it is easy to hold it and allows you to express your creativity.

  • Low sound. The low sound will not irritate your clients. 
  • Precise. Precision is number 1 in our works. We have so many talented students, however, cheap and imprecise machines prevent their works from looking perfect. 
  • Pigment persistence. After the first pass you will see a large amount of pigment is left in the skin. Most of the machines just cause trauma on the skin and only 10-30% of pigment remains in the skin after the first movements. Extensum® machine and our Nano needles can offer you 100% pigment persistence. 
  • The latest engine in Japanese technology ensures durability and thorough operation.
  • Good needle price. We noticed that many students order expensive German machines and later they stop using them because the needles are too expensive. Our company suggest the best quality and the best needle price for Nano cartridges that Extensum® permanent makeup machine would make available for each master. 
  • 2-year warranty
  • ROHS Certification
  • CE Certification
  • Made with the highest quality material - aluminum (most are usually made out of cheap plastic).
  • Buttons - touch type (light touch to adjust speed, longer press to increase speed very quickly).
  • Complete set: Controller unit with magnetic cable; Cartridge unit; Handle unit with connecting cable; Pedal with connecting cable; Holder; Plug; Case.
  • Optimum cable length - 2 m.
  • Made in EU.