Microblading and manual shading masterclass
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13th October, 2019
10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Clonmel, Ireland
1 day
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ABT Associated Beauty Therapists
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Why Baltic Brows®
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During our experience we noticed that our clients starts from microblading which looks super naturally but finally even after touchup majority always prefer stronger result. So there are several options: microblading (strokes), microblading (strokes) + some shading (on bottom strokes), microblading beginning + Ombre brows, full Ombre brows. So this class is one of these options.

Microblading masterclass is about more artistic pattern and combination with a shadow done in a manual way. This class is for people who already finished microblading. This is masterclass. No matter how much time is after your basic trainings – if you want to improve your technique, then you should join our masterclass. During this course we will try to achieve realistic strokes pattern, different eyebrows beginnings, middles and endings as microblading without art is not possible. Moreover, we will answer to the key questions:

  • how to get long lasting results?
  • how numbing affects the result?
  • how to choose the right color and how to mix them?
  • what are the types of microblading and shading various blades?
  • what are the types of microblading and shading various disposable tools?
  • what aftercare is the best?
  • how to create artistic strokes pattern?
  • how to shade manually over the strokes?
  • how to create beautiful strokes and shading combination effect?
  • why some results are cool/ashy and how to correct that?
  • why some results are blurred?
  • is there any possibility to correct old permanent makeup technique using microblading & shading combination?

Notification! More about this treatment read in chapter – Treatments.

Who can learn?

Masterclass is a perfect way to improve your results. So we invite everyone to our masterclasses no matter how much time is after your basic course.

Training program
Training include
  • After the course best students can get Baltic Brows Artist  logo.
  • FULL SUPPORT ON FACEBOOK GROUP. Upon completion of training, our communication does not break. You are connected to our closed group where we respond to emerging issues, also we are sharing photos of works, different situations and giving advises.
  • Trainer support for 6 months.
  • Goodie bag.

  • Bring everything you use for the treatment (rulers, pigments,  tools). During the course you will get blades and shading needles, your workplace will be prepared also (all disposable things will be given).
Why Baltic Brows®?
  • Unique hands on training system – art and permanent makeup combination. As Baltic Brows® Academy founder finished architecture, she decided to create trainings system combined with it. Our students start from learning arts, sketching, drawing, searching their own style, improving artistic skills, achieving perfect proportions by using architectural methods.
  • Unique online trainings academy – a lot of video material full of explanations and animations graphics; support online.
  • Unique Baltic Brows® pigments formula – organic and inorganic mixture; sterile and safe. The healed results have no color changes when fading, and create crispy eyebrow strokes for microblading when healed.
  • Hyperrealistic microblading technique– strokes pattern which is supernatural, hyperrealistic and artistic.
  • Unique eyebrows shaping - based on each person face anatomy.
  • Special workbooks which are included into trainings system and which helps to improve student‘s skills.
  • Baltic Brows® pigments colour theory and color guide.
  • Improving permanent makeup products variety - customized golden ratio ruler, auoclave tool with a double side (combo microblading and shading), disposable tools.
  • More than 500 students during 2016 year all over the world.
  • More than 700 students during 2017 year all over the world.
  • Certification levels and even opportunity to become instructor!
  • Unique Ombre brows technique represented in Permanent make-up magazine. Cover of the magazine and Baltic Brows® Academy representation.

  • What should I bring to the trainings?

- Everything you use for the treatment (rulers, pigments, numbing, tools). During the course you will get blading and shading needles, your workplace will be prepared also (all disposable things will be given).

  • Does the training include kit?

- It includes goodie bag. 

  • Is it painful?

- Yes the client can feel discomfort but we numb. Everything depends on the deepness the technician works, pain tolerance, numbing strength. There are two types of numbing – primary and secondary. We always recommend not to use primary anesthesia for eyebrows as the retention of color is better and the skin is not so tough, slippery so it is much easier to do the first pass of treatment without numbing. The first pass duration is about 4-5 minutes, after that we always use secondary anesthesia. So the clients can decided if he/she can handle the pain during the first pass (usually the scale of pain is 5-6). If yes, then we use only secondary numbing. If not, then we use both and client almost doesn’t feel anything.

  • Do I need a model for trainings?

- No, you do not need. Here will be only trainer demo show on model.

  • What is the duration of the treatment?

- Usually about 2 hours.

  • What are the treatment steps?


- Medical health form and agreement

- Eyebrows shaping

- Numbing (optional for eyebrows)

- First pass of strokes

- Numbing

- Filling the pigment into the strokes. Between passes it is possible to be numbed again if necessary

- Shading

- Final result discussion and explanation of aftercare

  • Will I be able to buy products during the course?

- Mostly we try to bring our products to the courses that students could buy some additional equipment they need.

Prices & Registration
  • All registration goes through www.balticbrows.com platform. Choose the certain class and pay the deposit. Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.
  • Once you booked training please contact us by email info@balticbrows.com and assigned trainer personal email to confirm you place in class.