Microblading 6D eyebrows
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28-30th April, 2018
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Boca Raton, USA
3 days
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Certificate of attendence
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ABT Associated Beauty Therapists
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$ 2.800,00
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Why Baltic Brows®?
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Microblading also known as 6D eyebrows, Eyebrow Embroidery, Eyebrow Feathering, Softap technique or Japanese method is a way of permanent makeup, where through manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin (upper layer of dermis) we create the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows. The effect last up to 3 years (touch up needed after 1.5-2 years) after which the pigment fades leaving the skin and client’s natural brows. Because color is impacted closer to the surface, the hair strokes appear very crispy and fine. This method is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of his or her eyebrows but not suitable for oily, problematic skin. The results are naturally looking, hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present. People suffering from alopecia, trigonometric or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from Microblading, as well as those who simply aren't happy with their eyebrows. The pigments used in this method have been formulated to match client’s original eyebrow color, and if the eyebrows are still present, blend perfectly into them. The results are realistic, flawless, fuller looking eyebrows.


  • This is a manual method where we don’t use machine
  • Hair strokes technique looks super naturally as it is easier to draw curved, crispy strokes with a manual tool
  • Easier to learn comparing with a machine hair strokes technique
  • Treatment is much faster comparing with strokes technique done with a machine
  • No “angry birds” eyebrows effect 
  • Cheaper cost
  • For drawing we use very thin blades (0.18 mm) which make less intervention for skin and creates hair strokes identical to natural ones
  • The effect lasts for 1-1,5 years, the touch up is necessary depending on internal (skin type etc) and external factors (sun, peelings etc)
  • High quality Baltic Brows pigments are used for treatments so eyebrows doesn’t change color after some time, just fades step by step


  • Not every person can be microbladed - not suitable for oily, big porous, problematic, thin (acne, couperose etc) skin
  • This technique requires a lot of practice to create beautiful realistic hair strokes effect and to improve artistic skills. That’s why we call first certification level of becoming an ARTIST.

Who can learn?

We can train all the people who have the desire to learn a new craft. You don’t need to be permanent make-up specialist. For example, our founder Rita Romo finished architecture studies and later she decided to learn permanent makeup. All you need – motivation and practice.  The training program includes permanent make-up basics (color theory, skin tones, anatomy & physiology skin problems, contraindications, etc). For more information about full program you can read in the Trainings program.

No matter you finished microblading or permanent makeup with device you will have to practice as much as you can. We advise to practice not on people skin at first but on paper and latex. If you are good on latex, you will be better on real skin!

After course you will get certificate of attendance but you should continue studying online (6 months) where you will be assigned to your trainer. Also we expect you will be publishing your works in our private facebook group. You will be added there after the course.  There our team will give you some advises and tell the mistakes you did. You will be able to ask questions because the theory can’t cover all different situations. After hard working you will gain skills and people will trust your works. Just need patience and stubbornness. The procedure consists of many things as symmetry, art, technique, preparation, evaluation of clients situation (skin type and skin problems), communicating (client’s wishes), legislation. Also you have to understand that 3 days are not enough for all your career – we recommend you to finish online trainings, read books, attend conferences of permanent make up & microblading, attend masterclasses.

Training program
Training include
  • PERMANENT MAKEUP BASICS (Nowadays permanent makeup all possible techniques & tricopigmentation, differences between tattoo and permanent makeup, manual micropigmentation – Microblading and Microshading, analysis of good and bad examples; Microblading treatment; Microblading history; Layers of skin and the depth of microblading; Microblading needles; Pigmentology; Fitzpatrick scale; Skin tones; Color theory; Anesthesia; Anatomy & Psysiology; Legislation; Requirements; Work area; Hygiene; Disinfection and Sterilization; Factors affecting pigment survivability; Contraindications; Microblading in some unusual situations; Aftercare; Touch up after different periods of time; Pigment removal straight after the treatment; Conversation with the client; Procedure steps; Marketing your business & costs)
  • HANDS-ON (Instructor has a right to decide whether the student is able to practice on live model or no)
  • FULL SUPPORT ON FACEBOOK GROUP. Upon completion of training, our communication does not break. You are connected to our closed group where we respond to emerging issues, also we are sharing photos of works, different situations and giving advises.
  • KIT
  • FOR USA ARTISTS! Finish Blood Borne Pathogen test and register in Health department if you haven’t done this before. Bring both licenses to hands-on course. This will let you to practice on live model;
  • Start preparation;
  • For Hands-on part you have to bring your model. If you don’t find a model, please contact assigned instructor to help you but Baltic Brows team doesn’t take the responsibility to find you a model. We can try to help you but it is too hard for us to find so many models.  If you don’t have a model, you will not be able to practice that course part. Make sure your model is appropriate for microblading treatment:

Old permanent makeup in the are you plan to practice; oily skin (for microblading only); sensitive skin (contains blemishes, big open pores, couperosis, redness on cheeks); Dark skin (Fitzpatrick 5, 6)- Healed strokes are not visible, better to do Ombre brows; Pregnancy; Nursing; Drugs/ Alcohol; Allergies (nickel, anesthetics, latex, iron oxide); Retain A within last 2 weeks; Anaemia; Heart / blood problems; Prolonged bleeding; Low/ high blood pressure; Diabetes; Haemophilia; Liver disease; Epilepsy; HIV; Hepatitis; Cancer in the past 6 months;  Chemical or laser peel within  6 weeks - AHA preparations in the past 2 weeks; All types injections (1 month before and after treatment); Hypertrophic scars; Keloid scars; moles; birthmarks; Healing problems; Eczema, Psoriasis, severe acne, minor skin conditions in brow area; Serious heart disorders, blood infections; Straight after waxing in that are you plan to practice; Autoimmune disease; Hyper-pigmentation; Using Accutane or other retinoids past 6 months; Sunburn; The area is already damaged or the irritations are visible; Skin conditions in the area of application (local dermatitis, bruising, skin ulcers etc); Infections bacterial, fungal or viral; Chemical or laser peel within  6 weeks;

  • Inform your model do not tint eyebrows and tweezer or wax them before the treatment;

Why Baltic Brows®?
  • Unique hands on training system – art and permanent makeup combination. As Baltic Brows® Academy founder finished architecture, she decided to create trainings system combined with it. Our students start from learning arts, sketching, drawing, searching their own style, improving artistic skills, achieving perfect proportions by using architectural methods;
  • Unique online trainings academy – a lot of video material full of explanations and animations graphics; support online;
  • Unique Baltic Brows® pigments formula – organic and inorganic mixture; sterile and safe. The healed results have no color changes when fading, and create crispy eyebrow strokes for microblading when healed.
  • Hyperrealistic microblading technique– strokes pattern which is supernatural, hyperrealistic and artistic;
  • Unique eyebrows shaping - based on each person face anatomy
  • Special workbooks which are included into trainings system and which helps to improve student‘s skills
  • Baltic Brows® pigments colour theory and color guide
  • Improving permanent makeup products variety - customized golden ratio ruler, auoclave tool with a double side (combo microblading and shading), disposable tools
  • More than 500 students during 2016 year all over the world
  • More than 700 students during 2017 year all over the world
  • Certification levels and even opportunity to become instructor!
  • Unique Ombre brows technique represented in Permanent make-up magazine. Cover of the magazine and Baltic Brows® Academy representation

  • Do I have to be already trained with a machine to study microblading course?

- People always think that it is easier to teach students who already finished basic permanent makeup course or they have 10 years experience. In almost most cases it is even harder to teach because people come with bad habits – heavy hands, very uniform, not precise. So for new person with fresh head it is much easier to learn and we noticed they can have even greater results. But of course we can help everyone just you have to show us a willingness to learn.

  • Do I need to buy a device for this technique?

- No you don’t. Microblading is a manual technique where we use disposable or autoclave tool with disposable needle. Basic trainings comes with a kit. It can be beginners or professional kit depending on course price.

  • Does the training include kit?

- Yes, basic class comes with a kit.

  • Does microblading leave scars?

- Each permanent makeup technique can be done in a very wrong way as everything depends on knowledge, practice, products. The technician has to be properly trained about skin types, deepness, contraindications and many factors. Not all skin types can be microbladed. In case technician microblades oily or problematic skin, healed results will look blurred.

  • Is it painful?

- Yes the client can feel discomfort but we numb. Everything depends on the deepness the technician works, pain tolerance, numbing strength. There are two types of numbing – primary and secondary. We always recommend not to use primary anesthesia as the retention of color is better and the skin is not so tough, slippery so it is much easier to do the first pass of treatment without numbing. The first pass duration is about 4-5 minutes, after that we always use secondary anesthesia. So the clients can decide if he/she can handle the pain during the first pass (usually the scale of pain is 5-6). If yes, then we use only secondary numbing. If not, then we use both and client almost doesn’t feel anything.

  • What tools and products are used for treatment?

- Disposable or autoclave tool with single use blade which consists of 7-18 needles, certified permanent makeup pigments, soothing solution, sterile cotton pads, ruler for measuring, sterile disposable pigments ring, special pencil for permanent makeup, sterile marker, sterile water and some other equipment to make sure the treatment is done hygienically.

  • What is the duration of the treatment?

- The duration depends on technician but usually it is 1.5-2 hours.

  • What are the treatment steps?

- Consultation

- Medical health form and agreement

- Eyebrows shaping

- Numbing (optional)

- First pass of treatment

- Numbing

- Second pass of treatment

- Pigment absorption

- Final result discussion and explanation of aftercare